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Best virtual meeting option

We’ve seen so many articles about virtual meetings but we’re still not convinced that any of the options create a seamless and engaging live experience. What do we think is the best online or virtual option for events and what features would the perfect solution have? We used Hopin recently which was great, although there was a problem with the audio during the event.

I went to a virtual conference last week (topic was Retail) which had a virtual networking session in it. To my surprise this worked very well, I made 3 new contacts of at least as high quality as I would in a real event - one may help me solve a client’s problem.
The software was provided by and it shows as a series of tables with icons that represent people - either with your initial or your photo. You add contact details or even your link your LinkedIn profile. Then you double-click a table to join the discussion there and you get an instant video-conference with the people on that table.
Very neat - I think it does presentations and other conference features as well.

Thanks for the tip Robin! We are working on a guide to virtual events and will include Remo as an effective networking platform.