The Green Room

Boris Johnson needs an event professional

Many event professionals Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation yesterday in disbelief - a textbook case of how not to present.

Here is what we picked up:

  1. We know that the last few months have been expensive for the country, but could no one shout them a remote slide clicker? #nextslideplease
  2. ‘You are on mute’ for the thousandth time (is nobody prepping these people?)
  3. Entire event running 2.5 hours late :roll_eyes: Only the whole country waiting, take your time.
  4. Slideshow wasn’t aligned properly so we couldn’t see a lot of key information.
  5. Slideshow wasn’t aligned properly to make room for the sign-language man, resulting in key information being lost.
  6. Many of the charts were far too complicated to read through in 2.6 seconds.

BoJo, we hate to say it, but you need an event professional.

What do you all think?