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COVID-19 outbreak, as an opportunity to create positive Event legacy

The undeniable fact is that the outbreak of Covid-19 had a massive impact on the event management and event planning industry, as it is a sector, which brings a huge amount of people together in one place to celebrate and share unique experiences. Events play a massive role in our life, as we want, even need to meet with other people and interact with them to develop a sense of community.
The negative impacts of Covid-19, such as: economy, mental health and touristic sector, can be seen immediately, but do we consider any positive aspects or opportunities for the future of the event industry and event legacy?
With all the negativity around the pandemic, it is not easy to be optimistic, but it is worth to perceive the present worldwide situation, as a chance to review the current methods of operating and delivering events, sustainable strategies, but also impacts caused by the events.
Time of pandemic, and related to its health and safety rules, can be a great way to raise the event participant’s awareness of environmental impacts caused by the events. It can also create an opportunity to host virtual initiatives focused on education about sustainability in events, and also how to implement environmentally friendly behaviours in future events. It creates an opportunity for event organizers to use the lockdown time to improve their strategies and objectives while planning future events.
Another positive aspect, worth consideration is the increased popularity of virtual events, which gives a chance to reach a wider audience. With the current development of social media, virtual events can bring together people from around the world, who want to share and immerse an event experience and even with the limited resources wants to feel the connection with other communities. The virtual events can put a variety of topics forward and bring together people from different backgrounds, which enable to create a positive social legacy.
Moreover, even if we see only the negative impacts of Covid-19 when it comes to the economy, there is always a bright spot. During the lockdown, we spend our free time on social media platforms. It is a great opportunity for event companies to improve their advertising techniques including services offered by the related stakeholders, and also to promote a new way of delivering future events, including new sanitization measures. After the lockdown, adverts offered by the event planner can raise the engagement and excitation of participants, who wants to finally take part in the event, and ensure them that all the safety measures will be provided.
The Covid-19 outbreak is an unprecedented situation we have to deal with on the daily basis, it impacted all the business sectors, not only the event industry. With all the negative consequences, it always good to see the positive aspects, and use this unique time to be creative and motivated for future improvements in creating a positive event legacy. Can we discover even more opportunities given by pandemic for the event legacy?


Do you think that in post Covid reality , people will be more careful and aware of choosing the events, they want to attend ?

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