Decorex and Sustainability

The Decorex and Sustainability Forum was created in partnership with Legacy Events and is where the interior design community adds to the conversation about improving sustainability in the events industry.

Join us and share experiences, initiatives, and ideas for a greener future. Connect with experts, gain insights, and find practical solutions to help reduce your carbon footprints. Let’s create a sustainable future together.

We’ve started this thread as we’re always keen to hear from others on their sustainability journey. We are really focused on improving the ways in which we deliver Decorex in a sustainable way, whether that’s the reusing of stands, recycling signage and not printing a catalogue but also helping to encourage our brands to exhibit sustainably as well.

We have recently set up a sustainability taskforce that brings both exhibitors and designers together, helping us lead our sustainability plan and encourage designers within the industry to be environmentally responsibility so that we can achieve a green future.

We look forward to hearing about the steps you are taking to make the community more sustainable. No action is too small, share today to help someone on their sustainability journey.

If you are curious as to how we can achieve a sustainable future together, check out our sustainability hub: Sustainability Hub

Also check out those in the industry that are leading the change: Decorex Sustainability Task Force: The Decorex Sustainability Task Force | Decorex

Sam Fisher,
Event Director at Decorex