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I work for a sustainable cleaning company. AMA

Hello, I’m Rebecca Clarke from Ecoserv Group, I am the Sustainable Lead for the company and engage with our new and existing clients on how we can help them on their sustainability journey. I also look after all sustainability aspects within our company. The Ecoserv Group has been established since 1993 providing cleaning and FM services to customers in a sustainable way. Through our cleaning products which are biological, safe for people and animals and our equipment which saves water and energy consumption, we strive to lower our impact on the planet. We are committed to carbon reduction and to benefitting our communities through our social value projects.

I have always had a passion for the environment and sustainability, I worked for 12 years in Renewables being part of a project team and making an impact to the environment. I am currently studying Sustainability through IEMA in my spare time. I am always looking for new ideas on sustainability and seeing what new products are being bought to the market to reduce impact to the environment.

This will be a great chance to ask Rebecca all of your burning questions on sustainable cleaning and find out more about the fantastic work she does.

We hope to see you here Tuesday 7th September at 12pm!

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Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for joining us today! How much of a demand is there for sustainable cleaning services? Has the demand changed since covid-19?

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for joining us this afternoon!

How do ensure that the products you use are ‘green’/sustainable? And what criteria do you have when choosing these products?

There is a huge demand for sustainable cleaning services, also with public sector tenders 20% of the guidelines are in sustainability and is enbedded within companies. Covid-19 has seen a huge increase for the cleaning industry, with cleaners being key workers at many critical sites.

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Hello, Do you have any sustainable cleaning hacks that I can use around the house?!

Hi Karla,
We work very closely with our suppliers and we currently use a product that is safe for humans and animals, we use closed loop recycling. Also these are made in the UK, we have a compliance department that ensure that all our products and equipment meet Environmental and Safety standards.
We have 6 ISO’s, we take accreditations and governance very seriously.


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Great, thanks Rebecca! What are the worst cleaning products for sustainability?

Hi Rebecca,

What would you say are the most in demand sustainable cleaning products going right now?

Hi Michelle,

My favourite hack is ‘cut half a lemon and pop it in a bowl of water, pop this in your microwave for 1 minute on a medium heat. Once this has finished simply wipe the inside of the microwave with a cloth, this removes all the stains and mess and leaves your microwave smelling fresh for days!!’


I see… Thanks Rebecca!

How exactly do you measure your environmental impact?

Also, what sustainable cleaning products do you recommend that we can get from the supermarket?

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I would avoid bleach.

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Hi Mike,

I would say the most in demand product would be the coconut dish scrubber pads.

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Oh wow - I’ve just searched these and they look great!

How can we get people involved in cleaning more sustainably in daily life? Should we be looking to big brands and supermarkets to lead the conversation?

I like the ‘Bio D’ range, I use this at home.

We measure our environmental impact as a company by working with a external Environmental Consultant and measuring our carbon footprint. We also have an Environmental Policy.


Bio D’s great! I used to work at a health food shop and these were always very popular

I will definitely check out the Bio D range!

That’s a wrap folks! Thank you so much Rebecca for joining us today and for sharing your knowledge and thanks to everyone for their questions.

If you have any other questions for Rebecca you can message her on here at @rclarke

Join us same time next week for another ‘Ask Me Anything’ :grinning: