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I'm a sustainable events caterer. AMA

We’re very excited to have Sonya Meagor, founder of Sonny’s Cornish Kitchen, a sustainable catering company that serves locally sourced food, join us in the Green Room on Tuesday 12th October at 12 pm, for an online chat on “I’m a sustainable events caterer. AMA.”

This will be a great opportunity to ask Sonya all the questions you have and find out more about the great work that she does.

We hope to see you here on Tuesday 12th October at 12 pm!

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We’re so glad to have Sonya join us this week for our AMA session on sustainable event catering.

To kick things off, here are a couple of questions for you:

  • What are the main things to consider if you want to make your menu sustainable?
  • How do you tackle food waste or left over food from an event?
  • How do you source your ingredients from suppliers? What do you look at when choosing the right supplier for your ingredients?

Hi Sonya,

Thanks for joining us today! There’s a saying ‘there is always waste in the food industry’. I’m guessing this is mostly referring to food being thrown out but I’m curious as to how you deal with packaging, especially as the food industry has had to really adapt and be even more cautious regarding hygiene over the past year and a half.
What would you say is the best way to pack food-to-go and is there any unsustainable items you need to use in order to ensure food can be taken away?


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For the menu I suggest using as much seasonal and local produce as possible. This makes sense for using seasonal as its fresher, tastier, cheaper, less food miles and keeps money in the local community. As I’m in Cornwall I’m surrounded by small farms to get produce from and I engage clients in the suggested menu to incorporate using local and sessional ingredients. Plus meat, fish caught locally. Even fish and seafood have seasons.

Hello, yes you’re right, it’s been really tough. Firstly, I do feel that many comments regarding gif sharing have been over the top. Sustainable packaging comes in many forms depending on your business. We don’t serve take away as such and service events in which case we use reusable trays etc or crockery, cutlery.
If its a bbq on a field then I’d use the biodegradable plates etc and recycled British napkins. There are plenty of biodegradable alternatives for businesses to use that cost a little bit more - even down to small sauce containers etc but this means manually filling them. Sadly I think food service had gone backwards through the pandemic by using single use plastics for sauces and also food delivery such as go fresh using single use plastic for pretty much all the small ingredients. Just to save a few pens per order. The cheaper food is, there is always a reason - the supply chain of ingredients, the packaging, the wages staff are paid, the delivery of the food. Hope this helps.