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I'm an event management student, AMA

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:wave: Hi my name is Nyomi Rose and I am a final year student completing a BA in Events Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

During lockdown I have been able to optimise social media to land a job as the Marketing and Events Manager for AI Tech North through my Instagram platform, whatnyomidoes.

I also have many side hustles in the events industry and love talking about event tech and artificial intelligence. I strive in personal and professional development and being an actively conscious event professional for the people, the planet and the events industry.

I’ll be here to answer your questions live on 2020-08-25T15:00:00Z2020-08-25T16:00:00Z

Hi Nyomi,
Thanks for doing this AMA, looking forward to chatting tomorrow!

We’ll kick things off: why did you decide to study an Events Management degree and what drew you to Manchester Metropolitan University?

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Hi Nyomi, thank you for taking part in this AMA. Was there anything in particular that made you want to work in the events sector? :slight_smile:

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Hi Nyomi, are there any groups or Associations you are a part of? And if so - what attracts you to them?

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Hey Nyomi, sometimes I think events are stuck in their ways, especially corporate events. Is there anything about events that you’d wish would change?

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ooo what a great question!!

Like many others i fell into the events industry during my college years and ever since than i knew i wanted to further my education and knowledge in the sector.

I choose Manchester Metropolitan University because I worked on a variety of events previously in Manchester and I knew it was the heart of northern events! I also liked the course units as they are not only practical but also offer more academic/ knowledge based units. I love living in the heart of cities and Manchester has that incredible buzz all the time!

Manchester is also the home for advanced tech innovations and digital transformation as well as being an emerging innovative city, i knew it was perfect for me.

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Yes!! It was definitely the people!! I wanted to be on my feet and meet new people from all walks of life and the events sector is built on relationships :slight_smile:

Also the opportunity to create and plan an event that could ultimately help someone envisage their dreams, create meaningful connections, learn, share insight and exchange knowledge. I feel the events industry is revolutionary as it can truly be someones everlasting memory. We also have the power to change peoples views and bring awareness on topics that aren’t discussed, there is so much variety in the events world!

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Hi Oxana! Great to hear from you :slight_smile:

Im actually not part of any associations as of yet but I am part of many groups as i want to network and connect with as many #eventprofs as possible!

These are the groups I have joined:

  • Get Ahead In Events ran by Samantha Salisbury

  • #eventprofs for change ran by Ken Kelling

  • Delegate Wranglers

  • Event Goal Getters

  • Event Graduates

I want to join more tech groups in the future!

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It’s definitely the value of the group and whether i want to join a group for networking, opportunities, learning and development, skills, certificates etc!

I usually just join groups but when they are paid groups I make sure i evaluate the value the group will bring to me :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps Oxana :slight_smile:

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Hi Nyomi,

I’ve been following your incredible journey via your instagram blog and Linkedin profile.

How have you developed your professional portfolio throughout the difficult current climate that we are facing?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Yes!! I believe it comes down to REPRESENTATION!

I feel that there are many event organisers who are also stuck in their ways and don’t see any issue with the events industry!

Firstly, I don’t see a fair representation of the youth in the events industry particularly in higher positions or whether that is a speaker panel.

I also hope that event organisers will not look at students/ young people as cheap labour and more as a valuable asset to the team! Our time is valuable too :wink:

I believe event profs need to open their network and allow more young people into the events industry as well recognising there is a clear lack of diversity. There needs to be an open conversation when it comes to organising an event and whether it is meeting the standards of today…

Is there anything in particular you would like me to discuss Shelby?

Great Question… I could go on haha

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I feel like i was able to manage and develop my professional portfolio through staying authentic and consistent.

I set my personal social media goals and ensured i stuck to them! I also was able to optimise my platform and gain value from social media tools like LinkedIn and Instagram which helped me define my brand!

I also made sure i connected with lots of eventprofs throughout the community to make sure that i was always growing my network :slight_smile:

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Hi Nyomi, what advice would you give to a small events agency to make the most out of social media? What tools would you recommend?


Can you tell us about your side hustles?

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Hi Jonny,

Great to hear from you :slight_smile: I would definitely say you need to define your audience first and then you can identify what social media is best for you! TikTok is not for every business but they all have a different purpose.

Social media is very crowded at the moment which means we need to make sure our content truly meaningful and our captions are impactful.

So ensuring you are consistent on social media with your uploads and also making sure that you are providing value to the audience. I always go by the rule that content is your queen but engagement is our kingdom (hope you enjoyed the analogy :joy:)

You need to connect with your audience, like, comment, share, DM and recommend posts to them it builds that connection which will only help you and your agency in the long term!

The tools i recommend using are hashtag generators allows you to pinpoint the trending hashtags to reach the right audience. What i would say is the most important is actually understanding the social media platform, new features get released all the time so you need understand how to use and how to do it effectively :slight_smile:

I like to schedule content in advance so is use tools like planoly and hootsuite and then i use Canva for all things content creation!

Hope this helps Jonny :slight_smile:

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Oooo of course!!

I have a very secret side hustle launching next monday, if you are interested do follow me on Instagram at whatnyomidoes to find out more :wink: !

My other side hustles focus around video creation, content creation and supporting #eventprofs during this crisis!

I also like to do a lot of work for SME’s as they usually struggle with trying to balance everything so i just swoop in and support with any task at hand. I usually support SME’s with their virtual events which is great fun and great experience!

I am heavily involved in alot of artificial intelligence due to my work so i find myself joining AI/ Tech groups quite alot and being involved in their projects!

Do you have any side projects?

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I’m afraid that’s all we have time for! Thanks so much all for taking part and thank you Nyomi for your insightful answers! Please come back on Monday and update us on your new project!

If you have any more questions for Nyomi, you can contact her on here @nyomirose or on social media, on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Whilst you are here, do take a look around the forum and contribute to some of the other conversations. And join us again next week for our Ask Me Anything Session, on Tuesday 1st September at 4pm. :slight_smile: