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Introduce yourself to the Green Room community!

Thank you very much for the warm welcome @LegacyTheTeam :slight_smile:

I have worked for agencies and also in-house for large corporate companies. During my career I have organised anything from a small C-suite boardrooms to large conferences for 500+, gala dinners and award ceremonies as well as exhibitions and congresses.

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I am Paula, one of the founders of, a media platform which promotes conscious living. We create content online, curate a directory of more than 160 conscious brands across 13 countries in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food. We also organise Conscious Festivals gathering 4000 attendees featuring talks, a marketplace, vegan eats and music.
This year, we were supposed to launch in London but due to the covid-19, we are going online with our 1st Virtual Conscious Festival on June 12-14th.

Our challenges when we organise our Conscious Festivals:

  • Copping with the local authorities measures in hygiene and security which sometimes do not make sense sustainability wise
  • Aligning with current recycling systems which sometimes are not even existant in the country

I will be available to discuss with you all tomorrow 4pm on the green room! Cannot wait to meet you all!


What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!)
I am owner of a new event planning business: DellaMarie Corporate & Social Events
Where you come from
I am in the USA- DC Maryland Virginia area
What you’re working on
Starting my sustainable event planning business with a focus on Corporate events, and learning the industry and about sustainability
What challenges you have related to sustainable events
I am new to this so I have a huge learning curb and no clients as of yet


Hi Della Marie,
Welcome to the Green Room! Exciting that you are starting a sustainable event planning business! Have you come across any good resources so far?

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Thank you! Honestly, I have a case of information overload! I have connected with The Sustainable Event Alliance, but that’s about it.

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There is such a lot to take on! If you do come across anything interesting please do share in the Data and Statistics section.

Have you noticed that we are running Ask Me Anything sessions on Tuesdays? If you let us know what you are interested in, then we can find someone to host a session to answer questions on that issue.

Hello all,

What do you do: I am Danni and I have a small boutique events company based in the South of France. I freelance for lots of UK based companies on corporate gigs but also organise destination weddings along the French Riviera.

Where are you from: I am originally from the UK but have lived and worked in France for over 9 years now.

What you are working on: Im currently working on my own sustainability charter to encourage my private and corporate clients to make more planet friendly decisions and trying to set up a network of sustainable suppliers here in the South of France.

My main challenges are that sustainable options can often be more expensive which is hard for budget conscious clients. Ive also found as mentioned above that by the time sustainability is thought of, most suppliers are already on board!

Looking forward to being part of the community.

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Hi Danni, welcome to the Green Room! It’s great to have someone here who knows about making weddings more sustainable! Feel free to start a new conversation in the Parties and Weddings area. Now that summer is nearly here, I’m sure there are lots of topics that we could discuss!

Hello everyone! My name is Oxana :slightly_smiling_face:

What you do: I am finishing my Masters in Events Design and Management at Westminster University, and I work full-time for an American accommodation company - Sonder, as a Team Leader.

Where you come from: Originally I come from Kazakhstan (Hello from Borat!), but I have lived in the UK for 10 years now. Currently, I live and work in London, but plan to move to America at the end of this year.

What you’re working on: I am working on my dissertation that aims to understand factors that sustain event managers’ motivation to the greening of events. I want to know how event managers in corporations sustain themselves and their teams to continue developing their sustainability practices through time.

What challenges you have related to sustainable events: Mostly it is challenging to tap into a deeper understanding of event impacts. Where do you draw a line between what event impacts and what it does not?

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Hi Andrea,

I am in need of 3 more people to interview for my dissertation. I would like to invite you to take a part as you have so much experience in organising corporate events :).

I would like to share my brief with you and answer any questions you might have, if you are interested :blush:.

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Hi Oxana,

thanks for your message. No worries, happy to help. Just let me know what you need?

My email is




My name is Praise. I founded Wthical Weddings, a platform to equip couples getting married and wedding vendors with resources to do social & environmental good.

I am based in San Francisco, California.

Currently putting the finishing touches for our free virtual global summit, The Good Green to equip vendors with community & encouragement in our current COVID-19 world.

Current challenges right now are helping in-person vendors pivot to digital offerings as we await lifting a of shelter in place orders. Additionally, still facing systemic challenges with different cities/local governments that make composting, recycling difficult as well as lack in the supply chain of making eco-friendly options for couples an easy choice.


Welcome Praise! You have just missed our Ask Me Anything event on sustainable weddings, but please do feel free to start a new conversation in the Weddings section.

I think all of us are facing the same uncertainties. Hopefully we’ll be able to share our progress on this forum.

Hi, I work for the ‘Green Energy Fund’ based in Denver and head up their ‘Events Greening Program’. I am based in the UK. Started the company Hybrid Events as a reaction to COVID firstly pivoting events online and now working on bringing our industry out of lock down. Great to be part of this group.

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Hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum! What are the challenges do you think, in bringing the events industry out of lockdown without losing the momentum on sustainability? There’s an interesting conversation on here about COVID-19 and sustainability that you might like to join.

Hi! I’m Charlotte, from France :slight_smile:

What I do: I am an English & German into French translator, helping impact startups and SMEs communicate their values and impact to all of their stakeholders and grow their business on the French and Swiss markets.

I look forward to being part of this community and understanding better how I can help sustainable events companies!

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What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!) Sustainability and behaviour change consultancy for events and businesses- how to reduce impacts and engage audiences
Where you come from Ive worked in the events and festival industry in the UK and Australia
What you’re working on: Currently workshops and training while everyone is on lockdown to get event managers ready for when the industry opens to build back better
What challenges you have related to sustainable events (we can probably help!)Events coming to me early enough.


Hi @charlottem, welcome to the forum! We have a few other members based in France, like @DanniWingEvents.

We have an Ask me Anything session going on right now on sustainable catering. Do ask a question and join the discussion if you are free!

The link is I run a sustainable event catering and pop ups company. AMA


Hello everyone! I am Nyomi Rose an events management student at Manchester Metropolitan University currently going into my final year eek! I am a Marketing Manager and Events Coordinator for AI Tech North and Blogger on Instagram/TikTok and LinkedIn sharing my events industry insight, knowledge and journey. I love the world of tech and AI but i am more concerned with the ethics, bias and disparity and how we can continually identify and improve our intelligence on making AI for good for the people and the planet. I also have way too many side hustles at the moment but i am always looking to explore opportunities. With the recent #BLM movement it has sparked me to become even more actively conscious as an #eventprof making sure i choose to work with clients/companies that are approaching sustainability in a positive way. As well as being aware of the lack of diversity and inclusion within events. Great to be part of this forum and i look forward to expanding my connections with other like-minded professionals! Nyomi Rose :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, My name is Sara Franzini Gabrielli. I have been an university researcher and an international event professional for the last five years with expertise in sustainable project management for some Sports Events as Summer Universiade Games, Motor sport events, Word Championships and European Championships.
My track record clearly shows success in the following areas: improving efficiency and sustainability, plan social media schedule, project management and and HR organisation, as well as, be diplomat when needed to carefully solve general or politics complaints.
Operational delivery has ranged from organising and supervising Arrivals and Departures, Media, Operation and others, delivered working with multiple agencies and stakeholders environment.
This is exactly what I do best and enjoy most. When it comes to performing a big project, a company usually expects an error-free result. I mention this because my multi-events experience will help me to always see the “big picture” and adjust the approach accordingly.

I’m working now on some projects with Public Authorities, sports organizations, to implement sustainability in their strategies and actions.

My biggest challenge is that people still don’t really know what sustainability is so I have always to educate first and convince then that it’s not a cost but a long term investment.
Let’s keep in touch and share our ideas!