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What's the best virtual event you have attended and why?

Virtual events are here to stay and there must be creative ways to make them amazing experiences.

Let’s talk: what’s the best virtual event that you have been to and what made it stand out for you?

Hello all! Thank you @LegacyTheTeam for the warm welcome! Answering to your previous question, this past few months I took a lot of webinars, virtual meetings, as everybody in the events industry I suppose. I’ve been learning as much as possible, and having some experience as an attendee to the different platforms was the first step. Then I decided to go further and I enrolled in the Virtual Event Meeting Management certification by ELI. It has been a great course so far, the content is very good and I have been learning a lot, I’ll finish by the end of the month. I realized that Virtual Events are an opportunity and not a threat and hybrid events may be a solution for nowadays.