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Which innovative solutions do you suggest that enable events to reach corporate social responsibility?

It is important being aware of how to reduce environmental issues. In this sense, event companies must base their visions and objectives on principles that reduce negative impacts, thus having responsibility with society. I believe that any stakeholder in this industry should consider that the impact they bring will not only influence the company’s image, but also its personal future, and this is what corporate social responsibility intends to transmit. As a professional ambition, it will be advantageous and beneficial to work with a team that is inspired by sustainable practices considering the 3 pillars of sustainability, as is the case of Rock in Rio Lisbon. Considering the environmental impacts, this musical event is based on the efficient use of resources and raw materials, works with innovative technologies and has huge waste management in partnership with other organizations, reducing wastes and avoiding excessive consumption. It is important to emphasize that some of the activities are for children so that from an early age they realize the importance of sustainability.

Moreover, event organizers and all the stakeholders should always consider how they can be responsible and sustainable while planning an event, positively influencing the Corporate Social Responsibility, offering an event socially responsible. For that propose, should be considered practices, suggested by the different stakeholders, such as the choice of the appropriate venue will have different influences like reducing gas emissions through an accessible location with public transport, venues that implement the use of renewable energy, the strategic plan for catering offer to avoid waste, and among others. It is also important to recognize the current position of the event through internal and external analysis, thus being able to adapt the appropriate practices to the event based on the various measures suggested.
Which innovative solutions do you suggest that enable events to reach corporate social responsibility?

Some sites with sustainable measures:



There are so many actions that event planners can take to become more sustainable. Here is a few: choose green venues; choose a location with easy access; have recycling bins around the event; try to go plastic free (incorporate reusable cups and cutlery); encourage e-ticketing; and many more things!!!
Do you agree with me?

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I 100% agree. Events need to work on their sustainability as it is really affecting the planet. It’d good to see that some events have taken this seriously, however, I feel that it could be reduced further. What do you think?

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I love these ideas around corporate social responsibility - in my opinion, a very important concept often overlooked. Is there there one solution, often used by socially responsible corporations, that you think is particularly effective?

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Completely agree!! Events need to step up and start investing a lot more into becoming sustainable


Completely agree! All the agendas suggested that, so why we still have events that do not comply with that!
However, we also have many examples of events totally sustainable!

Some examples:

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Definitely! As sustainable events are gaining visibility, I believe that the least sustainable events will change their practices, even if is only for the final profit!

You can see some examples here;

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I would say that the use of renewable energy is one of the most used solutions! I also believe that the solutions implemented that bring positive impacts to the environment, will also bring positive impacts to society. It may take some time for the economic impacts, but I defend that mainly the environmental solutions will influence all pillars of the event!

Here some examples:

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