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I organise the largest sustainable event in Asia. AMA

Hello! My name is Paula Miquelis and I am the co-founder and Branding & Partnerships Director at Green Is The New Black, Asia’s first and biggest Conscious Living Festival in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Conscious festival was launched in Singapore in 2015 and has been growing each year with 4,000+ attendees in 2019.

Green Is The New Black is a lifestyle media platform which has two goals - firstly helping individuals to live more consciously, and secondly to connect them to responsible brands by amplifying their sustainability initiatives. I’m working to create the #1 community of sustainable brands in fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Asia to provide alternatives options to live more consciously and impact the planet.

Born and raised in Nice – South East of France, my curiosity and passion for travels lead me to study in Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore. Asia has become my home and playground.

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Hi Paula,
Thanks for doing this AMA! How long did it take you to organise the first festival and did you already have any contacts in Singapore?

Are you doing online events now and if so how are you making them interactive?

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Welcome everybody to our first AMA! Paula is here and ready to ask questions so please keep them coming…

Hey! We organised the first festival back in 2015 and only had started our journey in sustainability / conscious living. It took us only 2-3 months and had 600 people. This was only a passion project gathering close networks and friends and it worked out :slight_smile:

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Hi Karen, nice to e-meet you! Yes we’re going online now - we’ve launched the 1st Virtual Conscious Festival happening on June 12-14th and targeting Europe (UK/Paris) and Asia (Singapore/ Hong Kong).

We decided to use Hopin after having done weeks of comparative studies. We wanted something to encapsulate all of our usual physical aspects including talks, workshops, a marketplace.

So for the talks, people will be asking questions (similar to zoom and youtube), for workshops, attendees will be able to share their videos and unmute themsevles 9 people at a time. For the marketplace, attendees will be able to enter a booth and interact with the brand representatives.

Great question Karen, thanks!

What is the events landscape looking like in Asia? Are you seeing live events come back again?

That is a great question!

In Singapore, events have been banned until end of October.
In Hong Kong, life is 80% normal, people are roaming down the streets wearing masks, going to work but bars and clubs are closed. Restaurants are open though! Yet big live events are still postponed, while smaller ones are allowed.

That’s good to know that at least there is a date set for the return of events. Are you planning for your normal attendance or do you think fewer people will attend?

We’re planning to do our Physical Conscious Festival in Singapore or Hong Kong again in November. The attendance will depend on governments say and we will adapt the format if we need to cater for a smaller crowd.

The situation has forced use to adapt our services online and it is a great learning for us. So we might be looking at doing half online and half physical.

Do you have live music acts and how do you source them?

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We always have live music arts. We source them via our personal network, google and via our “committee” which is a group of volunteers (usually 30-50) people we recruit 3 months before the event.

We are actually looking for local acts in the UK if you know anyone?

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What are the main themes or ideas that people going want to see? And do you think that will change going forward due to the current world situation?

I know some! What kind of music would you be looking for?

Electronic and acoustic that can perform at home in a call set up. Talking about the planet, consciousness, is a plus but not a must. :wink:

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What would your advice be to someone who is new to sustainable solutions for events? Where would be a good place to start making their events more earth-friendly?

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Love this question! As it reminds me that organising sustainable events is a journey. We actually started our first Conscious Festival by having plastic bottles on stage for speakers and with seafood…!
We are now almost zero waste, carbon neutral and vegan. Here is our sustainability report which will hopefully give you some good ideas -

Hong Kong 2019 -
Singapore 2019 -

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Hi Paula, once we can have live events again, do you think you’ll continue with a digital offering alongside live events?

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Hi Suzie! I do think we will continue with digital offerings. I think this situation is a blessing in a way that it showed us a new way to impact the world!

Tomorrow we’re also doing live free sessions at 12pm London time “Move Away Your Money From Polluters” if you wanna join -

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